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Delighted to be a selected winner for the IPPVA autumn wedding video awards 2024.

Emily & Chris
Kirsty & Darragh

About Mike Flannery Wedding Films

I've been filming weddings for over 16 years, (starting the year I met my wife) and have seen first-hand the constant changes and evolution of the wedding videography/ wedding video landscape. Starting with a single camcorder all those years ago, I now use 3 4k mirrorless cameras (the best cameras for the "cinematic wedding video" look!), electronic gimbals, sliders, aerial drones, Go-pro cameras and a whole range of state-of-the-art sound recording systems to fully capture weddings in all their wondrous glory! 

Wedding videography has allowed us the flexibility to raise 3 wonderful kids without the need for child-care, as I can film at the weekend and edit after they go to bed! It's a busy house with two busy boys aged 11 & 8 and a little girl aged 6 (and a half!). Being a father, husband, and wedding videographer, has made me appreciate the beauty in the little things, watching moments happen every day that will never happen again... That's why I take the care to capture all the details, to look for the beauty in every shot, to appreciate the gravity and emotion of every wedding, and the little moments of joy, laughter, tears, and love... Each wedding day has its own story, every couple has their own tale to tell, their unique journey, and I'm privileged to witness and capture those moments in my job, I'm proud and blessed to be part of your special day, and I will work hard to earn that trust you put in me, bringing all my energy and creativity to capture your moments so that you can look back on your journey and see where it all began....  

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“Oh my God! Just got to see our film and so so thrilled, your attention to detail is just brilliant! Well done, you certainly have an artistic flair! Thanks!”

Meave & Rory

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